Thinking Software by Design
Application Development

Application Development

Custom software development of embedded devices, desktop, mobile, and cloud for business, industry, and government. This includes specifications, design, development, documentation and testing of prototypes and proof-of-concepts, to fully polished cross-platform applications, APIs, and kernel level modifications.

Software Engineering

Software Re-Engineering

This is often a cost-effective solution for the evolution of a system. We can perform the analysis and refactor existing code for any optimizations and modernizations required, to include retargeting to other platforms. We can also reverse engineer applications where in the worst case scenario, the source may no longer exist.

Cyber Security

Network Security

There is no single method that will successfully protect an attack on a network. Having layered security plus a defence-in-depth strategy is a vital key to reducing the risk of costly attacks and protecting your IT resources. We can help implement strong security principles as well as perform penetration testing.

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