Software development is the core of our busines. We are highly experienced in many areas of design and development and are very keen on detailing functional requirements for design and non-functional requirements within a system architecture. We can transform your ideas into clearly defined blueprints adhering to the Software Development Life Cycle and integrate this into your environment or as a market ready solution.
Application and Product Development
We offer services to develop on the desktop, embedded, mobile, highly distributed processes and in the cloud. We do new design, prototypes and proof-of-concept, to fully polished cross-platform applications, APIs, and OS modifications and ensure integration into the existing environment.
Software Re-Engineering and Migration
We can perform an analysis, and refactor for any optimizations and modernizations required, to include porting to other platforms. In the case where the source may no longer exist, we can certainly reverse engineer the application.
Systems Integration and ETL
We have many solutions to ensure integration between dissimilar and isolated systems. Our middleware experience along with ETL components allow for the exchanges of data between these processes no matter how remote and legacy they may be.
Project Rescue
If your project has stalled, whether it be for technical, organizational, or key challenges that the software has not overcome, we can help get you back on track. We may also perform a technical review on any unfinished project to analyze completeness and put together a strategy to finish out any remaining work as well as re-estimate for suitable archtectures and solutions.
Software Prototyping
Early on in the planning process, we identify high risk areas in a project and develop proof-of-concept prototypes to test feasability and validate a solution.
We have the experience and knowledge to design and develop highly technical and complex applications. Thank you for taking the time to consider our services.